seek connection

seek connection.


       one another.

seek for parts of yourself

       within someone else.

seek for parts of them in you.

seek connection to understand,

to learn,

to hear someone else’s


to see the world from a new set of eyes,

from shoes you’ve never worn; from shoes you never will.

seek for parts in others

       that you’ve never encountered—

try to understand those parts.

(know that you never fully will, but

know that you’re not fully supposed to,


seek connection to share your story,

to learn about


to better know yourself.

(because you don’t know yourself nearly as well as you think you do.)

seek to discover

       new dimensions:

of your mind, of your body,

       of your mortality.

feel how frightening, and in that,

how exhilarating and vitalizing

and relaxing it is,

       and can be,

to be exposed—

       and be raw

and be all that you are,

and all that you have been and all you’ll become.

seek connection because

       we are alive

and we are human and we are beautiful

and because hands embrace hands so perfectly,

and because, well,

       nothing else really makes much sense


seek connection because we are here, if only for a little while.

seek connection because we never know

       who needs us.

or who we,

       ourselves, need.

or because we both,

and because we all,

just need

       one another.

seek connection because otherwise,

       you’ll never know

the magic than can arise between us

when we really,

and when we truly

seek connection.

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