too far west

|| new categories:

the sympathy of things

how to think by jumping

too far east is west

never wait for yourself

cerebral acrobatics

patterns of chaos

reveal yourself

we all have a hunger



other groups of words arranged nicely that are not.

keep the rage tender

soft in fire

when you are here

small poems

the ultimate guide to visual awareness

feelings you haven’t felt

when you choose fear

sadness + rain (expect them)
–> expect sadness like you expect rain (both cleanse you)

listen to the sound of us

the hate that came

pour flowers from your chest

the interplay between the verbal and the visual

seven different words for love

a primer in visual intelligence

the idea of a second heart

flowers fall from your skin

the tremble of your voice

i am a brutally soft woman

leave the color behind

hair that is not angry

an exploration of the workings of the eye

noted for its loquacity and thievish propensities

place curses on your flesh

a soul for your soul

a place for your life

an epic library of human intentions




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