everyone now and again wonders about
those questions that have no ready
answers: first cause, god’s existence,
what happens when the curtain goes
down and nothing stops it, not kissing,
not going to the mall, not the super

“wild roses,” i said to them one morning.
“do you have the answers? and if you do,
would you tell me?

the roses laughed softly. “forgive us,”
they said. “but as you can see, we are
just now entirely busy being roses.



said and done

there was so much to be said
nothing to be done

but nothing was said
and too much was done

there was so much that was said
and too little that was done

there was too much left unsaid
and too much left undone

and in the end what mattered
had already been said and done.

the most wasted resource
in life,

is each other.

to achieve great things

to achieve great things,
two things are needed:

°¹ a plan

°² and not quite enough time

× leonard bernstein ×