stillness is not

stillness is not about focusing on nothingness;


it’s about creating a clearing.



it’s opening up an


emotionally clutter-free space.


and stillness is not

the colors of your story

the very act of story-telling,

of arranging memory and invention

according to the structure of the narrative,

is by definition: holy.

we tell stories

because we can’t help it.

we tell stories

because we love to entertain

and hope to edify.

we tell stories

because they fill the silence death imposes.

we tell stories

because they save us.

the colors of your story


when you do

// stumble

upon yourself,

know that someone

out there,

// fell

(not stumbled)

into you

and is there waiting;

knowing, and ready,

to fall into you,

(with you)

— together.


but first,

you must stumble.