said and done

there was so much to be said
nothing to be done

but nothing was said
and too much was done

there was so much that was said
and too little that was done

there was too much left unsaid
and too much left undone

and in the end what mattered
had already been said and done.

life is hard—

not because we’re doing it wrong,

just because

it’s hard.

i am angry

“not long ago, i wrote an article about being young and female in lagos.

and an acquaintance told me that it was an angry article, and i should not have made it so angry.

but i was unapologetic.

<< .of course it was angry. >>

gender as it functions today is a grave injustice.

<< .i am angry. >>

<< .we should all be angry. >>

anger has a history of bringing about positive change.


i am also hopeful,

because i believe deeply in the ability of human beings to remake themselves for the better.”

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we should all be feminists