treading water

promise me

you will not spend

so much time

≈≈ treading water ≈≈

and trying to keep your

head ^^ above ^^ the .wAVEs.

that you forget,

truly forget,

how much you have

always loved

…to swim.

treading water

changing the imagination of change

hope in the dark: untold histories, wild possibilities, by cultural critic / philosopher-poet rebecca solnit, is a potent cultural and political exploration on how to retain hope in a time of pervasive cynicism and despair. by exploring the incremental progress and slow maturation of revolutions throughout history, solnit dispels the illusion of immediacy, widely perpetuated by the !!24-hour!! news cycle that keeps us fixated on the “now” and d.i.v.o.r.c.e.s us from the continuity of life, events, and movements.

to illustrate the causeand→effect relations that provide grounds for political engagement, changing the imagination of change

all the world’s future reveals itself to be

what a pity, lament the tycoon’s wives, to be forced to think about such ugly things at what is usually such a pretty part — what a shamefully dreary backdrop for their unspoilt red-soled shoes and their summer dolce, and their cluckcluck catch-ups about the weather in st. barthes (lovely, of course — this type of year especially; where do you summer?); what a crashing bore to have to listen to talk about gulags, or war, or genocide, as it puts one off the canapés, rather, though the little salmon puffs are good. cynthia—i haven’t seen you since monaco! erica is debuting her latest nose, and the atmosphere is fractious. all the world’s future reveals itself to be

democracy should not mean the leveling of everyone to the lowest common denominator. it should mean the possibility of everyone being able to raise himself to a certain level of excellence.

democracy should not mean