and they pass by themselves

people travel to wonder

at the height of mountains,

at the huge waves of the sea,

at the long courses of rivers,

at the vast compass of the ocean,

at the circular motion of the stars;

and they pass by themselves without wondering.

:: st. augustine of hippo

the most wasted resource
in life,

is each other.

seek connection

seek connection.


       one another.

seek for parts of yourself

       within someone else.

seek for parts of them in you.

seek connection to understand,

to learn, seek connection

learning to be human

we humanize what is going on in the world

and in ourselves

only by speaking of it,

and in the course of speaking of it

[ .we learn to be human. ]

× hannah arendt ×
men in dark times

& a longer version:

the world is not learning to be human