treading water

promise me

you will not spend

so much time

≈≈ treading water ≈≈

and trying to keep your

head ^^ above ^^ the .wAVEs.

that you forget,

truly forget,

how much you have

always loved

…to swim.

treading water

your own secret knowledge

the true and durable path

into and through experience

involves being true

to the actual givens of your lives.

// true to your own solitude

// true to your own secret knowledge.

because oddly enough, your own secret knowledge

we don’t need any more superheroes

// this is everything.

“it is braver to be clark kent
than it is to be superman

you fall,

you rise,

you make mistakes,

you live,

you learn.

you’re human,

not perfect.

you’ve been hurt,

but you’re alive.

think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive — one foot in front of the other