wrestle it to the ground

closeness,” he said,

surveying the congregation.

“it’s easy to be close,
but almost impossible to stay close.

think about friends.
think about hobbies.
even ideas.

they’re close to us—
sometimes so close we think they are part of us

and then,

at some point,

they aren’t close anymore.

they go away.

// only one thing can keep something close over time:

holding it there.
grappling with it.
wrestling it to the ground (as jacob did with the angel,)
and refusing to let go.

what we don’t wrestle
we let go of……

love isn’t the absence of struggle.

love is struggle.

:: jonathan safran foer

here i am

you fall,

you rise,

you make mistakes,

you live,

you learn.

you’re human,

not perfect.

you’ve been hurt,

but you’re alive.

think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive — one foot in front of the other

you say that emotions are overrated.

but that’s bullshit.

[ .emotions are all we’ve got. ] bullshit emotions

when we lose our minds

for you and for me

↑                  ↑             ↑                                  

↑            the highest moment ↑      


 the keenest joy

is not when our minds dominate when we lose our minds


me importa una mierda lo que piense el mundo.

yo nací puta,

yo nací pintora,

yo nací jodida.

—    —    —    —    

pero fui feliz en mi camino.

—    —    —    —    

tú no entiendes lo que soy.

» yo soy amor, simplemente soy