all of it,

the differences

and the maverick uprisings,

are part of the richness of life.

if you are too much like myself,

what shall i learn of you,

or you of me?

× mary oliver ×


frayed edges and surprises

on an autumn saturday several years ago, i was working in my office while the rest of the world was enjoying the indian summer. i forget the particular problem i was trying to solve.

it was one of hundreds and i was proceeding in my usual fashion:

// solve that problem once and for all //

for years i had been the greyhound chasing the rabbit of permanent solutions.

i knew that if i worked

just a little harder,

a little longer,

a little more creatively,

i would finally catch that rabbit
have a perfectly running business
at last.

i would experience commercial nirvana, and emerge from the dark night of the ledger book into the clear dawn of administrative beatitude. monday morning would always be a pleasure.

// i was wrong // frayed edges and surprises


when you do

// stumble

upon yourself,

know that someone

out there,

// fell

(not stumbled)

into you

and is there waiting;

knowing, and ready,

to fall into you,

(with you)

— together.


but first,

you must stumble.