you fall,

you rise,

you make mistakes,

you live,

you learn.

you’re human,

not perfect.

you’ve been hurt,

but you’re alive.

think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive — one foot in front of the other

it’s your life —

but only if you make it so.

the standards by which you live

must be

your own standards,

your own values,

your own convictions in regard to make it so

give it all

spend it all,

shoot it,

play it,

lose it all,

right away,

every time.

do not hoard what seems good for a later place…

give it,

give it all,

[ .give it now. ] give it all


when you do

// stumble

upon yourself,

know that someone

out there,

// fell

(not stumbled)

into you

and is there waiting;

knowing, and ready,

to fall into you,

(with you)

— together.


but first,

you must stumble.