did you want to see me broken?

you may write me down in history
with your bitter, twisted lies,
you may tread me in the very dirt
but still, like dust,

i rise.

does my sassiness upset you?

why are you beset with gloom?
just ’cause i walk as if i have oil wells
pumping in my living room.

just like suns and like moons,
with the certainty of tides,
just like hopes springing high,

still i rise.

did you want to see me broken?

bowed head and lowered eyes?
shoulders falling down like teardrops,
weakened by my soulful cries?

does my sassiness upset you?

don’t take it so hard just cause i laugh [hah]
as if i got gold mines
diggin’ in my own back yard. did you want to see me broken?

true mirrors.

some of us are surrounded by destructive people who tell us:

we’re worthless when we’re endlessly valuable,
that we’re stupid when we’re smart,
that we’re failing even when we succeed.

but the opposite of people who drag you down isn’t people who build you up and butter you up.

it’s equals who are generous but keep you accountable, true mirrors who reflect back who you are and what you are doing.

:: rebecca solnit

the loneliness of donald trump

and they pass by themselves

people travel to wonder

at the height of mountains,

at the huge waves of the sea,

at the long courses of rivers,

at the vast compass of the ocean,

at the circular motion of the stars;

and they pass by themselves without wondering.

:: st. augustine of hippo

life is hard—

not because we’re doing it wrong,

just because

it’s hard.

a brand new tSG.

// 6.5 years @ the spark group

Hi Friends,

Six and a half years ago, The Spark Group was conceived. The ensuing six years have been all but easy: they’ve been stressful, scary, difficult, challenging… did I say, scary? Either way, it bears repeating. However, all of that fades to the background and becomes silenced out by how beautiful and amazing and mind-blowing these six years have been –  to the extent that I often find myself asking, “Is this real life?” Pinch. Appears so. All of the joy that I feel every day is thanks to everyone who has made this possible. My brilliant co-partner, Amy. My insanely talented and dedicated team. My extremely patient family. Interns. Collaborators. Friends. Advisors. Pets. Coffee. Spotify.

And of course, it’s largely possibly because of our clients—our clients who have allowed us to stretch our creativity and our brains and our skills to places we never thought possible. We wouldn’t be here, going on 7 years, if it weren’t for our kick-ass clients that have trusted us with their business and allowed us to dedicate ourselves to doing what we love.

Six years and six months is a pretty big deal for me. It’s a pretty big deal for our team. To mark this milestone and celebrate how far we’ve come, we’ve entirely revamped our brand as a reflection of that growth. New logo. New website. New aesthetic. New everything. I’m extremely proud to share this new design as we embark on a year of even more growth, challenges, and kick-assery.

Check it out here: www.thesparkgroup.com

From the bottom of my heart (and every corner of it too),

Thank you.

Shine on you crazy diamond.

a brand new tsg logo