a gift to bring you

you have no idea how hard i’ve looked for a gift to bring you. nothing seemed right. what’s the point … More


i want to ask the happiest person in the world whether it was worth it, all the sacrifices he made … More

after midnight

let the leftovers rot. let the last candle burn. let the clocks think whatever they want. this is the night, … More

not anyone who says

not anyone who says, “i’m going to be careful and smart in matters of love,” who says, “i’m going to … More

let us all unite

i’m sorry, but i don’t want to be an emperor. that’s not my business. i don’t want to rule or … More

compassion asks

compassion asks us to look into our own hearts, discover what gives us pain, » and then refuse « under any circumstance … More

no apagues tu voz

  cómo lograste hacerme reír y llorar y sentir que ya empieza la fiesta, cómo lograste hacerme feliz lejos de … More

watch with awe

// people are just as wonderful as sunsets if you let them be. when i look at a sunset, i don’t … More

maybe it’s not

maybe it’s not really ugly, or b/r/o/k/e/n, or iMpeRfecT. maybe it’s your perspective that’s b/r/o/k/e/n. iMpeRfecTioN is beautiful to a … More

seek connection

seek connection. seek        one another. seek for parts of yourself        within someone else. seek for … More


× photography by ryan mcginley ×

treading water

promise me you will not spend so much time ≈≈ treading water ≈≈ and trying to keep your head ^^ above ^^ the .wAVEs. that … More

your own secret knowledge

the true and durable path into and through experience involves being true to the actual givens of your lives. // true … More

make it so

it’s your life — but only if you make it so. the standards by which you live must be your … More

give it all

spend it all, shoot it, play it, lose it all, right away, every time. do not hoard what seems good … More

pure desire

i want to tell about « your » desire — « my » desire. so pure, so impossible, so immoral. but it doesn’t matter because « that’s … More

our differences

all of it, the differences and the maverick uprisings, are part of the richness of life. if you are too … More