therefore i am.

i’m an explorer of the world, an avid reader, a sometimes writer, a photographer, and a big fan of questions without answers. though i also really, really love answers. i’m guilty of being amused by bad puns and oh-so-horrible-that-its-oh-so-funny jokes. i might also have a slight obsession with dancing (which i’ve been refraining from so that i can “about myself”) but it’s probably nothing you have to worry about. or actually, never mind. you probably should worry. you really probably should.

i was born in colombia, raised in miami, and have lived in nyc for 10 years now. i love new york: its diversity, history, the passion and ambition that fuels all of its residents, its grittiness, restlessness…

i’m curious almost to a fault. some would say definitely to a fault. i’ll stick with “almost”.

if i could, i would spend my days researching, reading, learning, and jotting down notes on my learnings and on the wild ideas that come from them. a theme or subject can envelop me so thoroughly that i can lose all sense of time and reality. it’s a fascinating feeling. intoxicating. exhilarating. addicting.

it’s this curiosity, passion for learning, love of the new, and quest to apply my curiosity and learnings to something tangible that led me to birth the spark group, a boutique digital marketing agency in january of 2010. we’re a group of 15 individuals with a passion for design, ideas, psychology, and creating. we celebrated our 8th birthday this january 2018.

OK! i’m done boring you (hi!) with any more details about myself. phew- dance time.

maybe now you should introduce yourself.